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From Your Computer, Tablet, or Phone

Most online Yoga Classes only offer videos with no direct assistance or feedback from the teacher. RWB Yoga Classes are different. They are taught live through your streaming device! As long as you position your camera where I can see you, I can help you as you practice!

First select the Red, White, or Blue Yoga Class that is right for you using the easy RWB system: 

Red Classes are physically intense and assume familiarity with names and instructions of yoga poses. These classes are designed to flow and move with the breath and will explore challenging postures.

White Classes focus on the philosophical and mental benefits of practicing yoga through discussion, breathing, & meditation! 

Blue Classes move slowly and explain each posture with care. These classes are best if you want to enjoy a slower pace & while learning more. These classes are also great for cross-training & maintaining mobility.

After registering, you will receive confirmation by email to connect you for your class. You'll also receive text reminders one hour before class starts with an optional Spotify playlist, prop recommendations, and the Zoom link again.  Please log in 5-10 mins before it starts to make sure you are connected and ready to enjoy your practice from the comfort of home.

No worries, if you find yourself sharing space with pets, children, or family members while practicing. This is completely normal.

Finally, If you do not see a class that meets your schedule & needs, please contact me at I offer private lessons by appointment.

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